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Omicron and COVID-19, an almost love story

This really isn’t how we wanted to start Omicron. When Philippe and I connected in September last year (that’s 2019 for you readers from the future), we had this idea in mind that by the summer or at least the fall of 2020, we’d be out there, recording songs, playing gigs and generally having a ball. We created four songs in quick succession based on the music that Philippe wrote and were just discussing how to get more people into our band when the COVID-19 crisis hit and we couldn’t rehearse anymore, let alone audition new band members. Well, s***.

So I started working on the songs solo, critically assessing vocal lines and tweaking lyrics. Philippe knuckled down to relearn the massive amounts of music he’d created and then (almost) forgot.

And then it hit me: actually, this lock-down could be the perfect time to look for new members. Like us, these musicians are stuck at home, sadly plucking strings or hitting drum pads because they can’t play with their friends. They’re checking social media for things to read and, possibly, things to do. A post from an exciting new metal project – yes, we’re calling it that – could spark a lot of interest. So I created a Facebook page and put some bios together, while Philippe somehow managed to make an awesome video teaser with some of our music. And off we went.

It wasn’t a roaring success. But we got a few great responses, mostly from guitarists. We also had a single drummer contact us with a lot of questions – he never replied again :( - and we got a message from a bass player, who will hopefully send us a recording soon. (Fingers crossed! Or is that horns up?)

One of the guitarists turned out to be a really cool dude and from what we can tell from his recording and our video chat, he’ll fit into our chaotic world well. For one thing, we didn’t scare him off with our rambling – looking at you, Philippe! –, so we know he’s ready for anything we can throw at him. But you can’t really be sure until you actually play music together. And that could take another month, or even longer. It’s really frustrating to be so excited about a collaboration, only to have to wait! But as the saying goes, ‘this, too, shall pass’. We're looking forward to jamming with Jens soon!

For now, I spend a lot of time thinking about our social media presence and how we could build that up. I’ve joined every possible platform I could think of that could help us spread the word about our ‘exciting new metal project’. I keep up with my singing classes, which have always been via video chat anyway, and which always inspires me to keep practicing. Never a bad thing.

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