• Corin Omicron

Omicron Rising

The title of this website was chosen quite deliberately. But what does this mean for all of us? What are our plans for Omicron in the short term and what would be the ultimate dream?

Philippe - guitars

“The reason I started Omicron was because I needed to play stuff from the heart. In other bands, it felt like I was just repeating things I wasn't a 100% sure of. I just felt blocked and restrained. My main goals are to put the music out there, get on stage with the band and then blow everyone’s socks off every time we play a show.

This summer I’d really like to get recording, we just need to find the last members of the Omicron family to get started. We have some great songs already. Corin’s vocals added an extra dimension that just blew me away and Fokke’s stuff is pretty awesome, too, so get ready for some cool shit.

My baby Omicron is being adopted by the new band members. It's like they are cherishing it as their own and I feel really good and proud about it. We all fit really well together and it feels like we might exceed our goals and dreams with this band. You never know, right?”

Patrick - bass

“I was looking for some new music to play, bored with being stuck inside in COVID times. So when my friend Philippe posted an ad looking for a bass player, I was interested immediately. I watched the teaser and was excited about the kind of music they play. So I asked to try out. They sent me a few of the songs and I recorded some bass lines. They loved my style of playing, so I was made a member pretty quickly, haha.

Right now we’re busy rehearsing, streamlining our upcoming promo single. We’re looking to record the song and make a video, and then spread it all over the world. So in the future, I am looking forward to playing a lot of concerts and to hopefully tour around Europe.

But really, I just want to hang out with my Omicron friends. My main goal is to play, play, play!!! I just want to play on stage and enjoy the people around me.”

Corin - vocals

“I’m just excited to be a part of this project. A lot of really cool things are already happening, even though it hasn’t even been a year since Omicron’s creation. My short term views are quite simple: I want to create an awesome set-list and start playing live, and I want to record at least one of our songs to get our name out there. If the rumours of interest from a record label actually turn into something, I want to create a constructive partnership that allows us to play shows around Europe and to release a debut album.

Long term… I’m a dreamer. I will take this band as far as it can go. Whether that’s a band that’s mostly local and occasionally tours Europe or a band that’s constantly touring, writing and recording, I want to know at the end of it all that we did everything we could with Omicron, that we created what we wanted to create. Of course I want to make this my day job! Who wouldn’t? But that would come at a cost, both to the band members and their families. So that would be a big thing to think about. But mostly, I just want to have a great time, with great people. And for Omicron to be the brightest star in the sky.”

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