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Omicron - Life, the Universe and Everything

Omicron has been hard at work of late. It’s mostly been behind the scenes, but a lot is moving. We made sure our "bubbles” included our band members, so rehearsals have started up again and ideas have been sparking left and right. Right now, we’ve got four songs that we’re trying to get into our fingers and/or throat - depending on our job and mood - which is a pretty good start to a set-list. We’ve also got some interest from fellow musicians to join the band, so who knows, we might be able to announce some new additions to the Omicron family soon!

August also had some cool developments in terms of preparing for the recording of our first single (with video!). Some of the band members met our producer/session drummer to discuss the details and looks like we’ll be able to get into the studio in the coming weeks. We've also been in touch with the video's director. Get your eyes and ears ready for some serious Omicron madness!!!

We didn't forget to get some R&R, enjoying our first ever band BBQ. Just hanging out and having fun with the band and our significant others. It rained twice on a perfectly clear day, but that didn’t bother us one bit. It was nice to just hang and talk about life rather than music. Of course, we talked plenty of shop, too. Good thing we have understanding partners, haha!

We have more stuff in the pipeline, but that is a bit more hush-hush. Or at least, it is until next week. So you know what to look out for!

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