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A year in the life of Omicron

One year ago, in a time when face masks were just a weird thing goth people did, Phillipe found an ad in an online metal group. I was looking for a band, and I sounded like a perfect match for his project. Contact was made and a couple of weeks later, we met for the first time. As it turned out, we were on the exact same wavelength musically and the vocals for our first collaboration were recorded that day. The second rehearsal saw us finishing this song and things progressed rapidly from there. This was September 2019. We both sensed something cool was happening.

By early 2020, several songs were in the pipeline, with rough vocals recorded for two of them and several more in the drafting stage. At that point, we decided to focus more on the search for other members, as we really want the full metal band set-up: two guitars, bass, drums and vocals. Not to mention how strange a duo would look on stage! I set up a band page on various social media platforms and started spamming different groups with our ad.

The ad we posted early 2020

The ad was received pretty well, with a few guitarists responding and sending in recordings. In the middle of the COVID-19 mess live meets were not an option, so we used video chats to talk to the potentials. While one guitarist initially showed a lot of promise, we made the tough choice to keep looking after deciding the fit wasn’t quite right.

Months passed and we continued working on music, each from our own home. I posted the ad again and again, Philippe having improved it by including a 2-minute teaser with snippets of some of our recordings. Philippe would always share the ad on his personal page, and it was there that bass player Fokke first spotted it. He immediately offered his services. COVID-19 restrictions had been loosened, so after a great video chat and solid recording audition, we met up in person to see if Fokke would be right for Omicron. That first rehearsal together was a lot of fun, insanely creative and bursting with ideas for the future of the band. And so Fokke joined the Omicron family in June 2020.

The Terrible Trio

While working as a trio, we expanded our list of songs to four and slowly got more and more fans on social media. The attention got so big, there was even some interest from a record label! We hadn’t (and still haven’t) even released a single yet, so that is an amazing achievement. The teaser that Philippe created clearly did its work. We will definitely get in touch with this label once we’ve recorded some songs.

In late August 2020, three guitarists responded to the ad. They were all very skilled. In the end, only one could join the band. But these things have a way of working themselves out: one decided to play in a different band, another wanted to focus on his music studies first. And the third… Well, as the story goes, the third was just right. We met up with Ignace for the first time in late September and despite having never played on an 8-string guitar before, he practically nailed our upcoming single by the end of rehearsals. Impressive indeed. And he turned out to be a great match to our crazy trio, so we didn’t have to think very hard about whether or not he was the right fit for Omicron. Welcome, Ignace, you are a fantastic birthday present for our band! (Make sure to read his bio on our Facebook page.)

Omicron in early October 2020

So now we’re up to four members, practicing four songs. We have started the recording process for our first single and will be working a video for it sometime October-November. All we really need now is an awesome drummer to complete our line-up. So if you know anyone – or if you are that someone – who could take our band to the next level, get in touch!

Here’s to a great first year of Omicron. And here’s to many, many more. Cheers!

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