I'm a vocalist. I'm a writer. And I'm the front woman of Omicron.


Big assignment, right? One of the first things I did as a member of Omicron was write a biography. How did I get to be a part of this family with founder Philippe and my other crazy musical siblings? Here's what I wrote.

"I grew up on 90s nu metal, so bands like KoRn and Slipknot will always be a major influence for me musically. I stuck to the metal scene and threw in a bit of gothic/EBM for good measure in my late teens. Now, my music collection contains a little bit of everything. But I never found another connection as profound as with metal music.


I got into a number of bands in my late teens-early twenties, combining clean vocals and a timid personality with limited success. These bands ranged from heavy metal to punk rock, but none of them ever really got serious. After a project I founded and worked hard on for over 2 years kicked me out without warning, I decided to just quit altogether. Luckily, 15 years later I changed my mind. A little over a year ago, I finally got the chance to learn the one skill I had lacked so far: metal grunts and screams.


Omicron to me is like christmas come early: Philippe and I connect really well creatively, and I can put my heart and soul into the vocals and lyrics. We like building on each other's ideas, and I believe we'll do great things with this band.


My (current) pantheon of vocal influences is made up of Corey Taylor, Jonathan Davis, Randy Blythe, Manne Ikonen, Maynard James Keenan and Skin.


My favourite metal bands (right now): Lamb of God, Ghost Brigade, Gojira, KoRn, Slipknot, Mudvayne."

But what goes on behind the scenes? That's what this blog is for. So sit back, relax and join me on an epic journey.