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Who is Omicron?

Belgian metal band Omicron is the brain child of founder-guitarist Philippe. He used to play in bands such as Mortamin (experimental death), Essatic (old school trash) and Flexant (old school trash/death), but he kept looking for a sound he could truly lose himself in. And so, Omicron was born.

After a long and fruitless search for new members, he found vocalist Corin. She had just returned to the metal scene after a long break and was eager to get back in the game. Together, they created a few powerful songs to attract the attention of other talented musicians.

They struck gold when they found guitarist Ignace, who brought a level of dedication and structure to the band and the music that it was sorely lacking. Lastly, Sean joined the line-up on bass, bringing talent and ambition to an already driven mix.


Right now, the band is still looking for a kick-ass drummer. Do you think you have what it takes? Get in touch!